75 properties & benefits of lemon


Lime Common Name Lime

Lemon scientific name Citrus aurantiifolia (Christm.) Swingle held in the family citrus ( RUTACEAE ).

Many people suspect that the word Lemon in the house we understand that it is lemon. Okay, what is it really? Lemon (Lemon). The correct meaning of it is. Oranges with a rounded head or lemon with a large yellow ball effect is not rounded. Green small lemons we are familiar.

The original lemongrass, then lemon, is a native plant in Southeast Asia. People in this region know the benefits of lime. One of them is Thailand itself. Let’s see the benefits and benefits of lemon better.

lemon benefits

Properties of lemon.

  1. Relieve headaches.
  2. Help solve vomiting A dizzy headache
  3. Helps to treat high blood pressure and low blood pressure.
  4. Did you know that lemon is an elixir and helps in appetite.
  5. Cure dizzy after childbirth.
  6. To silence With the lemon leaves to boil with aroma.
  7. Solve red eye
  8. Use as a cure for fever. The leaves are shredded and then brewed in boiling water. Drink tea or take a bath to help kill germs.
  9. Used to solve dengue fever. By taking about 100 lemon leaves to boil.
  10. Can help treat scurvy or scurvy. Because the lemon has a very high vitamin C.
  11. Lemon helps to expectorate.
  12. Help cough or bloody cough out. This will relieve symptoms to a certain extent.
  13. Helps relieve tonsillitis.
  14. Help relieve hoarseness.
  15. Reduce gum swelling.
  16. Used as a mouthwash With the use of lemon juice 3-4 drops, it will make the mouth clean.
  17. Helps to fix the tongue. Using a cotton ball moistened with lemon juice wipe the tongue 2-3 times a day.
  18. Helps to remove stains.
  19. Lick the nail with the lemon to the head and then pound the meat out a little. Then apply some lime and put in.
  20. Squeeze the neck, bring one lemon juice to squeeze and add salt. Add a little sugar and fill it to the area around the neck. For a moment, then slowly swallow fishbone weaken and fall into the stomach.
  21. Help relieve flatulence, abdominal pain, tightness with the lemon juice to eat with sugar.
  22. Relieve diarrhea by drinking lemon juice.
  23. Help drive parasitic worms by drinking lemon honey.
  24. Help constipation by drinking lemon juice with a little salt, it is a good laxative.
  25. Help treat gastritis by bringing lemon peels to brew with warm water and drink as medicine.
  26. Twisting with the use of lemon and honey are equal to each other, then drink.
  27. Cure urine urine. By using fresh leaves of boiled noodles and brown sugar to drink.
  28. The properties of lemon also help treat gallstones as well.
  29. Cure laxative symptoms by drinking lemon juice with salt and sugar.
  30. Correction of the lemon roots, rain and lychee juice to eat.
  1. Help with cleansing with lemon leaves, boiled with water and then drink regularly.
  2. Help blood Treat anemia With lemon juice mixed with sweet water and cooked with sea salt. Put ice to drink
  3. Relieve hot beriberi in thirst by drinking lemon juice.
  4. Relieve fatigue by drinking lemonade with sugar.
  5. Drinking lemon juice can help relieve joint pain as well.
  6. Treat skin diseases with lemon juice to the area.
  7. Relieve itching on the skin.
  8. Fix lemon peel and then apply it on a regular basis before going to bed and after waking up.
  9. Solution Scabies scabies by bringing sulfur to a fine mixture with lemon juice. Then apply to the area after the bath.
  10. Removes the warts using lemon peels, fermented with vinegar for about 2 days and then peel over the wart.
  11. To cure abscess and abscess Using fresh lime roots, rain and liquor, and apply. Scrub lime skin with lime mortar closed.
  12. With the lemon juice to bring the lemons to bite the inside out enough to poke the finger. Then put the mortar in a little lemonade. Then put your finger in
  13. Treat foot or foot bite disease with lemon juice using the area. Leave to dry and rinse.
  14. Skin lesions, headache, swelling, redness swelling by bringing lemon juice and clay to mix. Then apply 1-2 times a day.
  15. Relieve burns, burns, scalds, hot flush with the use of lemon juice.
  16. Cure tetanus ulcers with lemon juice to the wound area.
  17. Reduce the scars by using lemon juice mixed with clay. Then apply to the area of ​​the wound.
  18. Relieves itchy scalp. By using lemon juice, massage your head and then shampoo.
  19. Lemon juice deodorizes the body or body odor. By lemon juice to the armpit area.
  20. Toxins from insect bites and relieves pain.
  21. Toxins from the snake bites.
  22. Protect from the snake by using the shell placed near the bed, snakes do not interfere with the smell of lemon.
  23. Fix the bumps in the ears With the use of lemon juice.
  24. Cook rice to white and delicious. With the use of lemon juice about 2-3 tablespoons of rice.
  25. Fry eggs and soft lemon 4-5 drops can help.
  26. Lemon helps reduce fishy odor from fish when cooking and keeping fish out of shape.
  27. For cooks that are sliced ​​or frozen vegetables regularly. Will make the manicure black. Bring the lemon to rub it will help.
  28. If using a knife to cut banana. Knives are purple, washed out, it is difficult to remove the cutting edge and then rub the knife. It will help keep your knife clean.
  29. Banana splashing to eat. When sugar is boiled as Bael rubber. To squeeze half a lemon hemisphere. Will help banana More appetizing
  30. Lime 2-3 slices in a bucket of rice to prevent moth.
  31. Lemon shells can be used to wipe the container to shine, such as silver, brass, copper, etc.

lemon Benefits

  1. Lemon helps to brighten the skin.
  2. Keeps your eyes bright.
  3. Lemon contains many vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to the body, such as vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, citric acid, malic acid.
  4. In one lemon fruit, there are up to 7% of essential oils, which are used in the mixing of detergents such as dishwashing liquid.
  5. Lemon oil has a refreshing aroma. (Aromatherapy)
  1. Lime has the power to help with biting. This is a fruit acid (AHA) that is accepted to accelerate the exfoliation of skin cells.
  2. Lemon juice is very popular in our home to bring food flavors.
  3. To use flavors to some alcoholic beverages. By slicing lemon slices into thin slices to the edge of the glass itself.
  4. For the benefit of lemon peels. When squeezing out the water, then apply to the chin, knees, heels, elbows, it will help to make these areas more soft. And also use dried peels to boil drinking water as an antispasmodic, secretion, gastric nourishment as well.
  5. Benefits of lemon for acne blemish. Lemon helps to reduce your acne. Because lemon is a weak acid, it will reduce clogged pores from acne and also help to eliminate oil and germs on the face as well. You can put together with lemon and lime mixed with the acne before bedtime, the acne will gradually collapse itself.
  6. Solve broken skin with lemon juice to the area.
  7. Problem solving Irregular skin color By mixing chalky and lime together and leave it before bedtime. Then rinse in the morning.
  8. Heel healing solution With the lemon juice on the heel 3 times a day.
  9. Lime processing What can lime be processed? Like cooking lemonade Dried lime Lime juice, lemon juice, lemon juice, lime juice, lime juice, lime juice, lime juice, lime juice, lime juice, pickled lime, pickled lime, sweet lime juice, lime juice, lime lime Lemon peel seasoning Lime bark Lime compote Lemon marmalade, etc.

Nutrition facts of lemon per 100 grams

  • 30k calories
  • Carbohydrate 10.5 g
  • 1.7 grams of sugar
  • 2.8 g fiber
  • Fat 0.2 g
  • 0.7 g protein
  • Vitamin B1 0.03 mg 3%
  • Vitamin B2 0.02 mg 2%
  • Vitamin B3 0.2 mg 1%
  • Vitamin B5 0.217 mg 4%
  • Vitamin B6 0.046 mg 4%
  • B9 8 microgram 2%
  • Vitamin C 29.1 mg 35%
  • Calcium 33 mg 3%
  • Iron 0.6 mg 5%
  • Magnesium 6 mg 2%
  • 18 mg phosphorus 3%
  • Potassium 102 mg 2%
  • Sodium 2 mg 0%

Percentage of recommended daily amount of body requirement for adults (Information from: USDA Nutrient database)

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