75 properties & benefits of lemon

lemon Lime Common Name Lime Lemon scientific name Citrus aurantiifolia (Christm.) Swingle held in the family citrus ( RUTACEAE ). Many people suspect that the word Lemon in the house we understand that it is lemon. Okay, what is it really? Lemon (Lemon). The correct meaning of it is. Oranges with a rounded head or…

passion fruit-benefits

37 properties and benefits of passion fruit

passion fruit Common Passion Passion Fruit, Jamaica honey-suckle, Yellow granadilla. The scientific name of passion fruit Passiflora edulis Sims is in passifloraceae ( PASSIFLORACEAE ). Passion Fruit is a healthy fruit that originated in South America. The effect is round. Soft fruit is green. But when cooked, there will be many colors, depending on the…

37 Properties and Benefits of Watermelons!

37 Properties and Benefits of Watermelons!

Watermelon Watermelon Common Name Watermelon The scientific name of watermelon Citrullus lanatus (Thunb.) Matsum. & Nakai ( scientific name synonymous Citrullus vulgaris Schrad.) Is in Cucurbitaceae ( Cucurbitaceae ). Watermelons have other local names such as Chinese (Trang), Basa (Northern), Bokeo (Northeast), etc. Watermelon is a fruit that originated in Africa in the Kalahari desert….


19 properties and benefits of apples

Apple Apples are a fruit of love and beauty. It is a forbidden fruit in Eden which represents sin. Where Adam and Eve break the rules by eating apples. Eve was cursed to give birth with pain. Adam has to work to feed his stomach tired. This curse has come to us today. Apple  is…


20 properties and benefits of Avocado!

Avocados , avocado , avocado , avocado  or the butter is the scientific name of the tree Persea americana Mill native Mexico in Puebla. In the same family with cardamom, cinnamon, Avocado is a fruit with meat, it is butter. The appearance of the fruit is shaped like a barrow. Or oval to round shape….

health benefits of dragon fruit

17 benefits of healthy dragon fruit that you may not even know!

Dragon fruit We are often referred to as Dragon fruit, but for foreign countries in Europe, the word Pitaya is usedin dragon fruit. Our scientific name is Hylocereus undatus (Haw) Britt. Rose Dragon fruit is native to Central America. Imported into Asia in Vietnam about 100 years ago, is a cactus family. By a rounded…

benefits of kiwi

27 benefits of kiwi best for your health!

Kiwi fruit Kiwi or Kiwifruit Kiwifruit Scientific name: Actinidia chinensis is a plant originating in China. Later, the leader planted in New Zealand and made a new breeding. Make kiwi taste even better. It became the largest exporter and also changed its name to Kiwi as a symbol of the country. (Formerly known as Chinese…

Grapefruit benefits for health

17 benefits of Grapefruit for good health!

Grapefruit Grapefruit (literally) can be spelled in various ways, such as grapefruit or grapefruit juice or grapefruit or fruit subtropical organized in citrus (Citrus. ) Is a fruit that is sweet and sour, sour, with a little bit of taste. Grapefruits are semi-tropical fruits of the genus Citrus, cultivated for fruit harvesting. And the citrus fruit. With high vitamin C That can help reduce the…

raspberry powder benefits

16 benefits of raspberry are good for your health

Raspberry Ras Berry or Raspberry is the name of the fruit of several species in the genus Rubus, which are denominated in the same black berries. And one of the fruits Berry family Idaeobatus is mainly in the local dialect of Thailand, we may call raspberry “crab egg” and fruit is native to Europe. Raspberry…